When our Founder and President Karina Goulet started working as a Tax Auditor for the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts, she quickly noticed a trend:

1. The taxpayers she audited did not fully understand how to apply the local tax regulations to their business operations. 

2. Taxpayers explained their mistakes were the result of relying on professionals with lack of expertise in the complicated world of State & Local Taxes. 

3. First time audits were frequently devastating for Texas Businesses.

Our founder was inspired to make a difference.

Immediately, she began working on starting a firm dedicated to HELPING TAXPAYERS in this challenging environment. 

The MISSION of KGVG Advisors is to help Texas Businesses achieve a comprehensive understanding of their State and Local Tax responsibilities and to forcefully protect them in the event of an AUDIT. 


Karina Goulet - KGVG Advisors


Karina G. Goulet, MPA

President and Founder of KGVG Advisors, LLC

Texas State and Local Tax Expert


Karina has earned a bachelor’s degree in ACCOUNTING and a master’s degree in PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION. Her Tax expertise comes from performing highly complex work as a Tax Auditor for the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts, Austin Audit Office, and later as a Subject Matter Expert, as part of Audit Division Headquarters. 

Karina at KGVG AdvisorsHer areas of expertise include: 

•   Texas Sales and Use Tax

•   Texas Franchise Tax

•   Texas Mixed Beverage Gross Receipts Tax

•   Texas Mixed Beverage Sales

•   Tax Texas Hotel Occupancy Tax

•   Texas Tax Refunds

•   Texas Tax Audit Settlements

•   Texas Tax Insolvency Relief

•   Spanish Support

Karina is 100% bilingual (English and Spanish).