STATE & LOCAL TAXES are often a great source of AGGRAVATION for many CPAs and other tax service providers.

Over the years, the Texas Legislature has passed many laws which have resulted in many complicated rules. These rules are DIFFERENT for every industry, for every product, and for every type of service provided. Therefore State and Local Tax compliance has become very COMPLICATED.

State and Local tax compliance needs to be a very important component of any TAX PLAN. Unfortunately, often CPAs lack the necessary understanding of State and Local Tax compliance, since there are too many small but important details that make compliance difficult to understand and apply. And these details can make all the difference.  

Nowadays Texas is revenue hungry and very aggressive towards taxpayers during audits and tax collection activities. Penalties are SEVERE. The taxpayer's intention of fraud is always evaluated, and the owners may be prosecuted if the mistake is too large. 

So don't take a chance. One of the biggest mistakes taxpayers make is not understanding that their SALES AND USE TAX compliance plan MUST be TAILORED to their particular situation. Otherwise it does not work.

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We EVALUATE AND TAILOR SALES & USE TAX COMPLIANCE to protect the new business offerings and situation from the beginning. Therefore, if your CPA is not an expert on State and Local Tax compliance, you are taking a BIG risk, and trusting the wrong person may cost you greatly.

We also offer assistance with other State and Local Tax Types: Liquor Tax, Mixed Beverage, Hotel Tax, SOB Fee, and many others...


If you are concerned regarding your compliance with Sales and Use Tax, Franchise Tax, Liquor Tax, Hotel Tax or any other State and Local Tax, we can help. 

We will do a complete evaluation of your situation.

If money is owed to the Comptroller, we will help you get in compliance via a VOLUNTARY DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT (VDA) and protect you during the process. This agreement could reduce the liability and limit the Comptroller’s ability to look any further.

The VDA is not always the best alternative. However, we are ready to develop a strategy that will resolve your situation, save you money, and protect you. 


We are able to immediately RESCUE businesses facing the Comptroller during an audit situation. Please select AUDIT DEFENSE under our Menu Options for more information.

BEWARE! Calling the Comptroller may lead to an AUDIT.

Texas Comptroller Employees while providing assistance also evaluate your business and the nature of your question to determine if an audit is warranted.

Call US instead for a FREE Consultation. 

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Tax refunds are AVAILABLE to any taxpayer who has overpaid taxes, and unfortunately, most taxpayers do not have the knowledge to determine if an overpayment of tax has taken place.

The Legislature of the State of Texas has generously granted SALES TAX exemptions and FRANCHISE TAX incentives to certain businesses. Some incentives are time sensitive and will expire soon.

DO NOT WASTE TIME, let us know if you have any questions before is too late. 

The following businesses have exemptions and incentives available: 

  • Retailers & Wholesalers
  • Manufacturers
  • Real Property Services Providers
  • Contractors
  • Restaurants & Bars
  • Hotels
  • Cable & Telecommunication Service Providers

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Every TYPE of Texas tax offers a different set of challenges and a particular set of refund opportunities.

Let us serve you and your business organization by saving you time, money and worries.  



(Buying an existing business)

If you are considering buying an existing business, make sure the transaction does not close before you obtain a certificate of no tax due from the Audit Division. This certificate only protects the buyer. However, unfortunately, submitting this request may open the possibility of an audit for the Seller.

In addition, the audit division may deny or grant the certificate without covering the periods you need at the time you need it the most. We can help. Whether you are the Buyer or the Seller, we can help you obtain the certificate you need. 

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